To provide better access to data critical to mobilizing the Canadian population for effective political action.

Make the Change - Federal Example Forms

We have set up a basic demo of the web service that we have been discussing with federal and provincial NGOs & Unions over the past few weeks. Please take a moment to test out your favorite postal codes here:

This demo now works with postal codes data from all provinces.

Make the Change - Ontario Example Forms

We have set up a basic demo of the web service that we have been discussing federally for Ontario's Parliament. We've got some questions about the data from Elections Ontario, but we'd appreciate testing out the postal code to lookup from the web form below:

The Big Picture

Phillip Smith ( & Russell McOrmond ( and I (Mike Gifford) have been working for over a month now on figuring out how we could provide tools to help map people to their politics. A national nonprofit wants easy access to the Postal Code to Riding database that we have purchased from Stats Canada. An anti-poverty group is mobilizing supporters around the upcoming provincial election and needing to mobilize support in their ridings. A large union is interested in mapping a postal code to the nearest union office. A west coast environmental organization wants to take their existing database of members and organize them by riding. All of this will be doable through an API that OpenConcept is developing to help decentralize access through the web..

Electoral Data Consortium API

Postal Code to EDID
EDID Lookup - Non-cacheable (hit us every time)

Provides relationship between postal code and election district identification number (edid). The edid is used to map all other riding specific data.

The price for this service is covered by membership in the consortium. The relationship between postal code to edid is restricted and cannot be cached directly on your server.

$_GET['key'] - the api key - not presently required
$_GET['pc'] - search by postal code


Example Client Side PHP Form

This is a very basic example of how to use this tool from PHP. Please leave comments if you have any suggestions.

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