Electoral Data Consortium API

Postal Code to EDID
EDID Lookup - Non-cacheable (hit us every time)

Provides relationship between postal code and election district identification number (edid). The edid is used to map all other riding specific data.

The price for this service is covered by membership in the consortium. The relationship between postal code to edid is restricted and cannot be cached directly on your server.

$_GET['key'] - the api key - not presently required
$_GET['pc'] - search by postal code


* http://makethechange.ca/pc2csv/ - Directs you to a web form
* http://makethechange.ca/pc2csv/?pc=M5X1J2&key=2oikcv89w3

Returns a machine readable multi-line CSV which can easily be parsed on the server.
Riding Lookup - Cacheable Locally

Provides the value added data that makes the edid reference useful. Presently the data is mostly restricted to basic information about the riding and federal Member of Parliament. However we do plan to expand this to provide additional data which you can make use of in your campaigns. It is presently available in a basic CSV file like the EDID Lookup service. However, we will provide a machine readable XML view when there is sufficient participation in this project.

At the moment, there is no additional cost for this data and it will be covered by membership in the consortium. This is dependent on participation raising sufficient funds to keep this data up-to-date, so may be revised to ensure that the service is sustainable.

$_GET['key'] - the api key - not presently required
$_GET['riding'] - search by riding name
$_REQUEST['edid'] - search by edid
$_GET['first_name']) - search by MP's first name
$_GET['last_name'] - search by MP's last name
$_GET['type'] - all, small, mp_csv, riding


* http://makethechange.ca/federal/riding.php - All MP's
* http://makethechange.ca/federal/riding.php?key=demo&first_name=john&type...
* http://makethechange.ca/federal/riding.php?key=demo&riding=Ottawa&type=r...
* http://makethechange.ca/federal/riding.php?key=demo&edid=35012&type=small